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Pasta Jesce born from the indissoluble love of a family for his territory: la Puglia.
In love of the tastes of the region and believer to the roots of her city, Altamura, the bread's city DOP and the city of the innumerable mills, the company begins the production of fresh and dry artisanal pasta.

The use of modern technologies and selected raw materials, assure to our company, a stable and gradual growth in the national and international market. In few years what was a small local pasta factory, thanks to graces ideas and to a serious commercial politics, has become one of the principal Apulian pasta factory.

We produce pasta with artisanal methods, long drying in static cells and extrusion to the bronze for every typology of format, but we also use sophisticated productive technologies and we are always to the search of innovations to create products of elevated quality. Our factory daily works 30 quintals of semolina on two turns of job; we have the possibility and the ability to triple the actual productive strength.




We follow a project of checked and certified production chain, with a territorial strong imprint that guarantees the genuineness and the local origin of the wheats. The wheat cultivated, picked and ground in our local area, perfumes some earth in which it is grown.

The checked production chain at the origin of the durum wheat semolina is one of our added values. We want to exalt the local production and for this reason we buy only raw materials 100% of Italian origin. Every passage of the chain of the durum wheat semolina, from us employed, is certified by CSQA corporate, an international body of certification .

We exactly know the history and the origin of each single lot of durum semolina used in each production of pasta. We guarantee the respect of the hygienic requirements and of quality of the product. We hock ourselves to valorize the territory in which we have chosen to live: the Puglia.


The Main Brand of the Group. The brand is born to exalt the history of our territory and his peculiarity. The factory is located in the “murgia barese”, behind an ancient farm of the XVI century: “Farm Jesce”. The farm is dipped in a splendid rural and naturalistic patrimony situated near our factory; it has always had a certain importance in virtue of her greatness and her strategic position. It is located in proximity of the Street Appia, ancient Roman road that connected Rome to Brindisi.

Ancient testimonies narrate that during the Roman period “Farm Jesce” has been a station of standstill for the change of the horses and for the raw transumantis during the Angioina and Aragonese epoch. The Farm Jesce has also been a Benedictine grancia in the ‘500, as well as a sure abode for the monks.